Ongoing and Completed Projects

Although we have a number of current projects, we also have many completed and ongoing projects we are proud of!  LPK Gift Shop Here at LPK we have a small gift shop which we use to display items which are created by our WEEP classes.  The project is extremely important both support the week program and also, most importantly, to let the women showcase the skills they have learned. LEARN MORE Rabbit project  The rabbit project aims to address two key elements for our women, being food sustainability and income generation. Our HIV intervention class, containing 39 women are the beneficiaries of the project. We aim to equip our women with a hutch, a rabbit and training in how to look after rabbits. LEARN MORE 28052014060 One of our women Maria Wangari standing beside her hutch where she now has 4 adult rabbits with baby liters !

Land Purchase

We are extremely excited that in March 2014 we were able to finish paying for the land we purchased.  This land will be used for out biggest project yet; Our WEEP building!  Currently we are renting our facilities for 40,000KSH a month, and buying this land will mean that we can use that money to support our projects and programs instead of it going towards rented facilities.  This expansion will also allow us to grow or class sizes and in turn support the local economy even more!