Uniform Shop and Production Plan

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We are partnering with Ngong Township Primary (1600 students) in our town of Ngong – they will be sending all the parents and children to us in the beginning of January, 2014 to buy uniforms from us. Thanks to this project our women will be able to obtain a job and prepare uniforms for the students of the Ngong Township Primary.
Moreover we would like to rent a space for our shop in which we would be able to sell other items made by our women. Most of the profit will go right back to the women – small part will go back into the project. In the future we would like to expend and make uniforms for other schools.


With seed capital of $900, we are able to make about 180 uniforms and pay for 3 months rent for the uniform shop. We still need much more capital to make this successful for January (1600 uniforms). To give us a few more months of rent to become stable and allow us to make all 1600 uniforms, we will need $8000 more. We need the amount by November 31st, 2013 (to give us enough time to produce the uniforms)