WEEP 2015 Housing

WEEP 2015 housing initiative


This is an exciting time for our 2014 WEEP class as they prepare for graduation in July.  There is both excitement and nerves involved as the women prepare to continue their businesses independently.   Once the women graduate we endeavor to continue supporting them to survive and thrive. Our class from 2014 will be graduating this July 2015 and we are preparing to transition them into work and living independently

In the past LPK bought land and built a semi-permanent house for each of the graduate. The women are meant to live in the village for only four years rent free. The four years are a stabilization and growth phase for the woman independently. The women should take advantage of the micro-financing facility offered to them during their graduation to buy land and expand their businesses. After four years the women should be stable in their businesses and have finished paying of the loans they take to buy land.

The model we would like to adopt does not segregate the women from the rest of the community. This model ensures the women are immediately integrated into the society. This will ensure the women stay motivated to continue in their businesses and are staying busy. It is because in the society the yardstick is not the success of the other women in the village but the society in general. The model will still achieve our goals to assist the women creating affordable mortgages for the women.

We are currently fundraising to purchase land and start construction of the homes.  If you would like to support this project please follow the “Donate” button at the top of the screen and insert “WEEP 2014 HOUSING” in the description.