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Fridah tested HIV positive in 2006 but was in denial until a couple years later when she had a baby girl who didn’t survive birth. When she eventually disclosed this information to her family and husband she ended being completely rejected. Her real father’s response was that the family had nowhere to bury a HIV+ person and her husband left her alone with the children and no support.

In 2012, Fridah became extremely ill suffering from tuberculosis and was bed ridden for a year .Without the support of her family, her sons survived on rotten food from the garbage. Paralyzed from the legs down due to a reaction with her tuberculosis medication, Fridah was unable to walk – she remembers feeling that if she had the strength to do it, she would have dumped herself in a latrine to die.

Living Positive Kenya was able to come to her rescue by enrolling Fridah into the WEEP class, the Global Youth 2012 supported her to move into a better house, and HEART made a frequent visit for prayers, food donation and financial support.

Coming from a place of depression and suicidal thoughts, her health has gradually improved since joining the WEEP class. Fridah was to graduate from WEEP in the year 2013 but she was left behind because she was not strong enough after her long illness.

Although her legs are still not completely stable she is so determined to get to class that she walks 1.5km to do so. She is an amazing woman full of determination, faith and hard work.

In the last couple of weeks doctors discovered that her brain is swollen, her kidneys and liver have problems. She desperately he needs tests and scans which will cost approximately Kshs.20,000 (USD235)

The first very urgent matter is to get the tests done as soon as possible.

Secondly she will need treatment after these tests has been completed as we do not know what this will be we cannot say what the cost will be but is likely to be in the Kshs 10.000’s  but we will keep you updated about this.

However, if she doesn’t get this help quickly then Fridah has been told that she might lose her sight.

We ask all of our friends and family to help us raise the money for her tests, scans and treatment. Please help us to share Fridah’s story and to help this amazing woman to complete her WEEP class this year.

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