Safari LPK

If you are coming to Living Positive Kenya and also want to experience the thrills of going on a safari to see the best of what our wildlife has to offer, then you can do this by going on a LPK safari. We offer a great deal which includes 4 days with all food & drink and accommodation covered which allows you to stay in an en suite room. For the price of 32,000 Kenyan Shillings, which equates to around $360-370 (depending on the exchange rates), you can go on a four day safari where you will get to experience the real Kenya and see the side that normal travel agencies would not expose you to.


Some buffalo grazing in the Mara !


A lion on the prowl !









Trip Itinerary 

Day one: On the first day you will be driven to the camp where you will have dinner and a campfire, which will give you a chance to relax and rest up for the next day.

Day two: The second day begins with breakfast followed by an entire day in Maasai Mara! The animals that you should be able to see include the big 5 and also many other animals which will give you a full view of what Kenyan wildlife has to offer. The day in the Mara also includes a packed lunch to keep your energy levels going! After a long day out seeing the wildlife you will have dinner at the camp followed by a campfire.

Day three: The third day begins with an early breakfast as you will be leaving to arrive at the Maasai Mara for sunrise which is a sight that you will never forget! Also on the third day you have an optional choice to go to a Maasai village and market which gives you the chance to see real Maasai houses and learn about their culture. Also you have the choice to go on a nature walk which is a guided walk with insect and tree explorations. Both of these cost a fee of 1,600 Kenyan shillings which is around $18.30 coming to a combined price of 3,200 Kenyan shilling equating to around $37, Which is a small price to pay for two unforgettable experiences! Lunch is also included during the day with an optional choice of a goat barbecue. The day then concludes with dinner at the camp and a campfire.


Maasai men jumping which is a great sight to see !










Day Four: The final day begins with breakfast and then the drive back to Nairobi. Along this drive there is opportunity to “Stop and shop” in a local village to pick up any souvenirs that you may want for friends and family.

You will return to Nairobi feeling refreshed and revitalized from taking time out in the countryside and getting away from the hectic town lifestyle. Also by going on a LPK safari you will be helping to support women and children of the local community instead of tour companies. This is a trip that you do not want to miss out on, as you will get to see another side of Kenya which you will not get to see whilst volunteering!

For further information and booking please contact: / +254 722 620 516



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