Sophia Needs Your Help

Our last update on Sophia was in May 2013 when she was doing well after her chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, after our last update, Sophia’s health has continued to be concern and is at a point where she desperately needs surgery again. In May 2014, another lump was discovered in her right thigh. Mallorie, a previous LPK volunteer, raised 30,000ksh for Sophia’s surgery on July 9, 2014. We had hoped that the doctors would be able to remove the entire lump during surgery but over the past few months her leg has been growing bigger and bigger every day. After seeing the doctor again, they determined the lump is still there and is cancerous. Sophia has already been through 5 tests which LPK has paid for but the doctors are requesting more before her surgery, which will cost around 300,000ksh. When talking to Sophia, you can see she is in a lot of pain. Her leg is now swollen from her hip down to her toes and she can no longer bend her leg. After surgery, there is a strong possibility she will also need follow up treatments which may include more chemotherapy but we won’t know what is required and how much those additional costs will be until after her surgery. Sophia is looking to us and counting on us to help her raise the money so she can get well. Please help us support Sophia during this time and become part of LPK history by contributing to the largest amount of money ever raised for one individual case by making a donation today.


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