Economic Empowerment Class Expansion


We are gathering funds for the land where we will build our new WEEP Centre!
Currently we are renting our office in Ngong. Monthly it costs us 40,000 KES!
We will be able to use this money for our programs. AND we will be able to expand, build more classrooms, and offer more skills to our empowerment program clients, e.g. hairdressing, IT, baking, etc. instead of only tailoring.

We have purchased an 1/8 acre (the video says a 1/4 acre but is incorrect) and have given a down payment of $2300 to the government to secure the land. But we still have to raise $3500 more by October 30th or we will also owe a 30% penalty. And then we owe a final $3500 by November 30th.

This is HUGE to our future. It allows us to offer more classes to the women we are helping, making them more competitive in the marketplace. It will also allow us space for a larger production unit where we can allow more women to work on contracts they receive. We will be able to enroll more women in our empowerment program each year and more quickly improve the community and economy of Ngong.