HIV Intervention

HIV Intervention program

The initial phase of Living Positive Kenya is Intervention.  The purpose of this program is to get HIV positive women out of the slums and starting the recovery process.  When women disclose their status is is extremely common for them to be completely rejected by not only society but their families and spouses, whom unfortunately often gave them HIV in the first place.  The result of this rejection is the women are forced to move into the slums with their children which often results in lack of mutation and income, causing their illness to progress.



The program is introduced to participants in 2 ways:
  1. The Community Health Worker will go out into the community to the slums and visit women who are sick, depressed and alone.  She will listen to their story and if they are HIV positive, invite them to LPK for support.
  2. Hospitals / Clinics refer women who are HIV positive to the program for help and support.


It consists of 3 parts:

Once a week, HIV-positive women in the program meet to learn from and support each other as well as to eat, laugh and just relax. This is an incredibly important aspect of the program in that it gives the women a community and support system which they desperately need to heal and regain their spirits. LEARN MORE

This service is provided when any of the women in the intervention program are too ill to come in to the program and to check in and make sure they have everything they need until they are well again. LEARN MORE

Teaching the women how to advocate for themselves and also organizing community events to educate on HIV AIDS is another important part of LPK’s work and is important when addressing the illness. LEARN MORE