Rabbit Project

Our women then care for the rabbits and breed them so they reproduce and the numbers they posses increase. The women can then use them as a food source providing them with protein, which improves their nutrition in their diets. Also they can be used to provide income through the sale of the rabbits, which then produces capital which can be used for other purposes such as sending their children to school, buying food and medical supplies etc.


Combined to providing the women with hutches and rabbits, we also have our own rabbits at the farm which are used as the breeders. We have a variant of male and female rabbits which are used by the women who can bring their rabbits to the farm to allow them to breed. This means that the rabbits can get pregnant at a faster rate and speed up the amount of rabbits that women have, meaning that more rabbits can then be distributed to other women in the program who do not have.


The hutch at the farm where the breeders stay


This project is key to increasing sustainability in our women’s lives as they learn to generate their own supply of food and money becoming less dependent on others! The need that we are currently facing is providing the women with hutches. Rabbits are quite cheap in Kenya, however hutches are a big expense. Currently 11 women of the 39 in the support group have hutches and we aim to see all of the women having in the long term!

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